Professional treasure hunters

Published 9:17 am Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Robert “Bobby” Lowe and Catina Lanzarone said their experience searching and selling antique and thrift items began by selling merchandise in parking lots.

Now, the duo are coming up on their second year operating LoweMart, located in the Town of Kenbridge.

Catina and Bobby said they have gotten to meet a lot of people in the Lunenburg community, including local businesses.

“We have unique, great people come in everyday,” Bobby said.

“The atmosphere and the smiles we see,” Catina said about her favorite aspect of meeting people in the community. She described interacting with people who find items that remind them of their childhoods.

She said additional interactions with the area come through a program the store has to help families who have been affected by house fires.

A release from the store cited that a family can request a voucher that can help them purchase supplies in the event of a house fire.

Catina and Bobby noted that working with antiques and thrift products not only includes research on understanding the products, but requires knowing how to understand and work with others.

The duo business owners said a lot of interesting items come through the doors. An antique sofa set was purchased by amusement park Kings Dominion, in Doswell, where the set was used as a prop for the park’s Halloween and Christmas programs.

She and Bobby said outside of work, they are typically at home in Amelia. They cook meals and spend time with their kids.

When asked what three words would best describe them, Bobby said, “An awesome team.”

Both Catina and Bobby said free time can be hard to come by, but said they would not have it any other way.

“Owning your own business is actually your own adventure, and a 24-hour job,” Bobby said.

“Treasure hunting is my job,” Bobby said. “My job is my hobby.”