A future of revitalization

Published 1:18 pm Wednesday, March 14, 2018

People are getting their say in what they think Lunenburg County’s future should entail, if the county and the Commonwealth Regional Council (CRC) listens.

Approximately 40 residents, county leaders and representatives of the CRC met at the Victoria Public Library on Feb. 22 to discuss how the county will proceed with things moving forward during a Comprehensive Plan meeting. Those who spoke talked about adding more reliable internet; healthcare services that focus on issues like elderly care, child care and substance abuse care. They also spoke regarding removing or renovating vacant buildings.

Patricia Harper-Tunley highlighted blight, such as vacant buildings or litter on the roads, as something that could be fixed or removed from the county.

“We want to make it more inviting,” Harper-Tunley said of the county while addressing the subject of vacant buildings.

CRC representative Todd Fortune said the vacant buildings have been an issue in neighboring counties as well.

“As far as the empty storefronts, Victoria is not unique,” Fortune said. “Our council, we have five counties and a number of towns. We see this pretty much throughout the region.”

I’m highly confident in the CRC and the county’s ability to implement a comprehensive plan that reflects the desires and needs of residents in the community. I’m less confident in the ability to allow continual growth in businesses in the area. It’s difficult to understand what the answer to it is, but I do agree with Harper-Tunley. There are several areas of Lunenburg County that need revitalization. It’s my hope that this will be a key part of the comprehensive plan.

Morgan White is a staff reporter for The K-V Dispatch. His email address is Morgan. White@KVDispatch. com.