Getting the word out

Published 1:19 pm Wednesday, March 14, 2018

It is always exciting when the opportunity comes to share the story of a locality — in whole or in part — with a large audience. That opportunity arrived for the Town of Victoria last week when filmmakers for a documentary set to air on PBS visited to do some filming.

As we reported, those involved with the hour-long documentary, which will be about the Virginian Railway Heritage Trail, visited the Victoria Railroad Park and spoke with Victoria Town Councilman and railroad expert Greg Elam.

Aubrey Wiley, creator of the Virginian Railway Heritage Trail, has been working with the documentary and said the filmmakers for Blue Ridge PBS focused on the towns of Victoria and Kenbridge due to the Virginian Railway passing through them to reach Norfolk.

“The purpose of the trail is to identify surviving structures, facilities and equipment of the old Virginian Railroad, because it is such a popular railroad,” Wiley said. “People all across the country and around the world are interested in the old Virginian for some reason; it’s just a very appealing thing.”

We would like to commend Wiley and the filmmakers, including Executive Director of Blue Ridge PBS Lisa Fenderson, for coming to Victoria and putting the spotlight on the area.

We also want to applaud Elam for representing the area well.

“Elam did very well and explained about the history of the railroad and Victoria and … all of the historical things,” Wiley said.

Elam said the recording was a memorable experience.

Wiley said high winds may have affected the audio and said a return trip to Victoria could be possible. He estimates that the shooting for the film would be completed in June and released on the area PBS station in September.