Harper-Tunley seeks to engage

Published 1:23 pm Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Patricia Harper-Tunley

Pick any county or town meeting, and more than likely Patricia Harper-Tunley is there; offering suggestions, resources and input for various issues and items.

As someone who is extensively involved in Lunenburg County, though enjoys making memories abroad, Harper-Tunley has made Lunenburg home once again.

“I returned to the Lunenburg County area in 2015 after living in the Northern Virginia and Maryland areas for more than 30 years,” Harper-Tunley said. “I was born and raised here and graduated from Central Senior High School.”

Harper-Tunley said the gentler pace and sense of community in Lunenburg are the aspects of the county she enjoys the most.

“I like the slower pace and the possibilities for a charming yet buzzing community with strategic planning,” Harper-Tunley said.

She said the belief that every person has a role and a say in how the county operates, grows and changes, empowers her to be involved and to help others be involved, too.

“Getting our community involved will require time, patience, and consistency in getting the word out that we all have a part in how our community is formed, governed, and progress,” Harper-Tunley said. “I have been working with strong leaders already in the community and organizations committed to interest of the community, getting people involved in the areas of interest such as local, state, and federal government, school, and economics that has significant effects on the everyday lives of the residents of the community has been challenging.”

“Slowly but surely people are getting more involved. It will take time, and I plan to do all I can to ensure the residents of the county have a voice and be engaged,” Harper-Tunley said. “I thank God for the opportunity to be of assistance where needed.”

For hobbies, Harper-Tunley said she likes helping people develop their businesses and achieve goals.

When asked what three words would best describe her, Harper-Tunley said confident, resourceful and influential.

“These are strong qualities/characteristics that are served well during creation, execution and finalization to a project or task,” Harper-Tunley said. “I get the job done.”

Harper-Tunley said though Lunenburg is home, she likes traveling, particularly going on cruises.

“My favorite place to travel is anywhere on the blue ocean water mostly in the Caribbean,” Harper-Tunley said. “I do love Hawaii also and I have the best time being creative and recharged on the water.”