Three Wishes

Published 1:28 pm Wednesday, March 14, 2018

What would you do if you were given three wishes? If you could wish for anything your heart desires, what would it be?

I was watching “I Dream of Jeannie” on television the other day. She’s a genie that grants wishes for her master, but the wishes usually backfire. I started thinking how awesome it would be to have three wishes (but not from her).

What exactly would I wish for? It has to be something fantastic, something that would make everything worthwhile. I said to myself, ‘what do I want more than anything? What are the three things that would make me happy?’

I decided to grab a pen and pad and write out my desires. After weighing all my pros and cons I decided that my three wishes would be love, world peace, and the gift of gab (orator).

Love – “An intense feeling of deep affection.” Imagine a world where we are loving each other. Where we are looking at each other as friends versus strangers, where no one feels out of place because we are all family.

Imagine the problems that could be solved with love. Love means no more hunger because who wants to see their family hungry? Love means an end to homelessness because again, we would love each other enough to make sure all is okay. Love means Jesus, because He is the epitome of love.

World Peace – “An ideal state of happiness, freedom, and peace within and among all people and nations on earth.” Who wouldn’t want that for a wish! No wars, no threats of danger, just one big cookout where everyone is invited.

I may give up all my other wishes just to make this one come true, because if you have world peace, everything else may fall into place.

Gift of Gab – ‘The ability to speak with eloquence and fluency.’ One thing I love to do is talk. I love speaking at church, I love speaking at parties and I love speaking just to speak. Even though I speak a lot, there are still times when I get nervous because I’m not sure if I am getting my point across clearly. The gift of gab can change all that.

Those are my three wishes, but I know they are just that – wishes. I also know this: even though the world is not completely filled with love, many people are loving each other and through that love, great things are taking place like feeding the homeless, helping strangers, and being a good neighbor.

And although world peace seems like a farfetched idea, there are some small peaceful things that takes place on a daily basis. Neighbors that have problems with each other sometimes come together and work it out. Fights that are taking place are settled with words versus fists, and you can find places that seem as if they were truly touched by God. Places where you can close your eyes and feel God talking to you. I’ll take that kind of world peace any day.

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