Road condition draws concern

Published 12:13 pm Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Reports of high volumes of mud on State Route 659, Old Mansion Road, have prompted the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) and an area landfill company to find solutions for the road. Donna Francis, of Lunenburg, said she took photos of the road Wednesday after seeing mud on the road. She also took photos in May 2017 after seeing similar road conditions. “It’s been an ongoing issue,” Francis said. She noted a logging company her friend works for has faced penalties for lesser offenses. “It’s always a mess, even when they bring the water truck in.” Francis said residents did not anticipate these issues. Francis said she has made numerous reports about the roadway to the Lunenburg County Sheriff’s Office. Francis said the concerns come from more avenues than disgruntled residents. “I understand business, but they have an obligation to do certain things,” Francis said. Tim Webb is chief operating officer of CFS, which owns the landfill in Lunenburg County. He said the high volumes of mud Wednesday was caused by a lack of access to a water truck, which typically will clean off trucks that carry mud from the landfill to the road. Webb noted the landfill has a water truck on site, but a rental company had taken the water truck away for repairs and failed to provide a replacement water truck. “The issue has been rectified,” Webb said. “The truck is back.” He noted that the mud was cleared from the roads Thursday and Friday. Webb said the company may pave the entranceway of the landfill, off of Old Mansion Road. The paved road would stretch from the convenience center at the entrance of the landfill to the landfill itself. “We’ll be doing road improvements on our own property,” Webb said. Billy Smith, the South Hill representative for VDOT, said he has received complaints and concerns from residents. Old Mansion Road is owned by VDOT. He said VDOT, not CFS, would be in charge of treating the roadway, adding that VDOT has worked with CFS on preventative measures to keep mud from the roadway. “What we’re doing is working with them to try to come up with a good plan to keep the mud out of the highway,” Smith said. Smith noted that VDOT has made plans to surface treat Old Mansion Road with tar and gravel during the summer months. “We are going to make those improvements out there,” he said. Asphalt repairs and patchwork are estimated to take place on the road in the next month and Smith said VDOT crew members have placed marks on the road to indicate where the patchwork will take place.