Spencer honored

Published 12:02 pm Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Spencer during the meeting. After the resolution was read, members of the audience and council members stood and applauded. Spencer announced his resignation during the November 2017 town council meeting. Tessie Bacon began in January as the town attorney. Spencer served as town attorney for 17 years, beginning in May 2000. Hodges noted Spencer’s dedication to the town. “Cal is a close friend of mine,” Hodges said. “Many times I have called on Cal. He has always advised this town as if he were a council member. With litigations, we have relied solely on his advice. He is a very faithful supporter of this town.” Spencer thanked members of the council and the public, noting the town’s growth over the years. He estimates he has attended more than 200 town council meetings as an attorney. “My work as town attorney gave me a firsthand look at your dedication to the town as you take time away from your families, businesses to serve on council,” Spencer said. “I think the folks in Washington D.C. could learn a lot from the Kenbridge Town Council. You treat each other with civility, respect, even when you disagree, you do it in a friendly manner. I’ve been very proud to be a part of that, and to see how this council operates.” He said he had seen progress in the town, including the Kenbridge Community Center’s renovation, revitalization at area businesses and installation of signs at the town’s entranceways. Spencer said he was excited to see further development with the walking trail proposed to be built through the town, connecting with the Town of Victoria, and the extension of sewer to an annexed area at South Broad Street.