Commending towns, county

Published 2:47 pm Wednesday, April 25, 2018

April is often a hectic time for Lunenburg County, the Town of Victoria and the Town of Kenbridge, as the respective town councils and board of supervisors work to balance budgets and pass tax rates and capital improvement plans.

We at The Dispatch commend the county and two towns for the actions they have taken to address the needs of its budget and from those in the community.

Of note is the Kenbridge Town Council and its decision to pass its town codes, and to return to discussion about the zoning section of the code.

It’s encouraging to see the town take these steps and continue to make decisions that best fit the needs of the town and people in it.

For the Town of Victoria, it was encouraging to see the town notify the public about its infrastructure. Though we encourage the town to continue to maintain its work and resolve any issues presented, we appreciate the town’s transparency and everything town employees are doing to resolve any issue as soon as it is presented.

The county has also taken input from area organizations and members of the public about its fiscal budget and its real estate assessment. Choosing to keep the tax rate the same for the fiscal year 2019 budget, but considering the possibility of raising the tax rate the following year, may be a needed step for the county, its residents and organizations within the county, including the school division and the sheriff’s office.