Couch to serve two years

Published 2:50 pm Wednesday, April 25, 2018


Mark Anthony Couch

Mark Anthony Couch, a 27-year-old Victoria man, was convicted recently in Lunenburg Circuit Court of a felony charge of unauthorized use of a motor vehicle as a result of taking a car on Lunenburg Avenue to drive to Crewe to visit a girl. Because Couch had a 2009 rape conviction of a girl less than 13 years of age in Nottoway County for which he served eight years, he was a category one offender on the sentencing guidelines which resulted in a recommended active sentence of one year six months to three years nine months. Couch was sentenced to five years with three years suspended leaving two years to serve. Couch will now be subject to a possible revocation of 12 years that were suspended on the rape conviction in Nottoway. While Couch had the car in Crewe, he was in a wreck, causing over $5000 in damage to the vehicle. Couch’s conditions of the suspended portion of his sentence include good behavior for five years, supervised probation, restitution to the victim, no contact with the victim, suspension of his operator’s license or the right to obtain one and warrantless searches.