Published 3:16 pm Wednesday, April 25, 2018

My oldest greatgrandson, Jakaal left for the Air Force on 17 April. When I first heard he wanted to go in the military it was a shock, so I sat back and reminisced about when he was born. I was so excited to welcome him into the world. There was something about seeing a third generation come into the world that made my heart leap with joy. From the moment he came out he was something special. He always made me laugh and kept me amazed with the things he said and did.

I call him my little genius because at a young age he demonstrated mass intelligence. He calls me his “Double G” which he said means great-grandma. I love being called “Double G” because it makes me sound real cool. I wanted the other great grands to call me that as well, but it didn’t catch on.

So now my little genius is getting ready to embark on a new journey and start a new chapter in his life. Even though I know he is going to be fine and do extremely well, a little part of me wishes he would have stayed home. I know our visits and time together are going to get shorter and shorter. Most military folks move from place to place and I will no longer see him as much as I use to. Sounds selfish but I can’t help it … I love and miss my little genius already.

Jakaal is going to become a Cyber Transport Systems Analyst, his responsibility will be (of course you know I looked this up) to ensure that worldwide computer and communications networks, including those in overseas and deployed locations are integrated and functioning optimally. These computer network and communication equipment experts require a top-secret security clearance. “Double G” is so proud of her little genius!

All kids eventually grow up and have to start living their lives as adults and we as parents, and grandparents have to give them the necessary room to fly. Jakaal should be graduating from basic training in eight weeks, I’m excited because I will be there cheering him on. I’m thinking about wearing a T-shirt that says Double G’s Little Genius! But it may be too much … we’ll see.

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