Action on business licenses

Published 4:49 pm Wednesday, May 9, 2018

The Kenbridge Town Council, during its April 17 meeting, requested that the town attorney, Tessie Bacon, take action to address business owners to register and pay for business licenses in the area.

“Council asked Town Attorney to write letters to the business owners who have not registered and paid for this year’s business licenses, to remind them they are past due and further legal action could be taken if the delinquent business licenses are not addressed,” Town Manager Robyn Fowler said in an email.

To learn how surrounding counties handle delinquent business taxes, the Dispatch contacted Lunenburg County and the Town of Victoria to learn about their policies.

County Administrator Tracy Gee said Tuesday the county does not issue business licenses.

The policy for delinquent business licenses in the Town of Victoria was not available before press time.