Giving thanks for mothers

Published 4:56 pm Wednesday, May 9, 2018

‘No influence is so powerful as that of the mother.’ Sarah Josepha Hale

There is real truth in those words. From the time we are born into this world our mother’s begin to shape the person we will be. This Sunday, we celebrate, honor and give thanks to all mothers in our community

We all need a mother in our life to care for us until we can fend for ourselves, guide us as we travel the roads of life, steer us back onto the right path when we get lost or lose our way and always, always cloak us with her unconditional love.

A mother’s love has the strength and power to lift us up when no one else can. The sound of her voice is known to bring calm when we are frightened. Her gaze can inspire confidence where there was none.

The ability to shape a person’s life comes with tremendous responsibility that requires great strength and wisdom. We thank you for your caring, your tears, your strength and love and for all that you do to make us better people.

Happy Mother’s Day today and every day. We appreciate and thank you dear mothers for being you.

Betty Ramsey is the publisher of The K-V-Dispatch. Her email address is