Bluegrass show wows

Published 2:41 pm Wednesday, May 16, 2018

The Little Roy and Lizzy Show, with Appalachian Express, rocked the Kenbridge Community Center Saturday during their annual concert, sponsored by the Lunenburg Chamber of Commerce.

Playing energetic selections of bluegrass, country and gospel, the two bands kept the audience on its toes.

Chamber President Mel Payne estimated that approximately 250 people were in the Kenbridge Community Center auditorium.

“The Appalachian Express were outstanding,” Payne said. “Little Roy and Lizzy outdid themselves. They put on the most entertaining show that they have done since they have been coming up here.”

The Appalachian Express opened the event with a 45-minute show. After a 15-minute intermission, The Little Roy and Lizzy Show played for 45 minutes, then finished the show after another brief intermission with a 45-minute set.

The Little Roy and Lizzy Show, from Lincolnton, Georgia, has played in the area for eight years, Payne said, performing at the Kenbridge Community Center in addition to the WSVS radio station.

Little Roy, Lizzy Long and their band, Payne said, puts on a show that invites the audience to try to keep up.

“He’s 76 years old,” Payne said. “But he’s got more energy than five 25-year-olds. The people who have seen him would agree.”