Millican new county planner

Published 2:40 pm Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Glenn Milligan

Glenn Millican, who was raised in Victoria and has served in Mechanicsville, was appointed the county planner for Lunenburg. Millican introduced himself during the Thursday board of supervisors meeting.

Deputy Clerk Nicole Clark confirmed that some of the responsibilities Millican will be undertaking were done by Community and Economic Development Director Beverley Hawthorne before leaving her post in August.

Millican said during the meeting that Lunenburg holds a special place for him as he and his wife grew up in the county.

“(We) wanted to be back here in Lunenburg,” Millican said, “and look forward to being here.”

“I certainly hope, with the experience that I have … that I will be able to bring to you the experience … to help us make Lunenburg the exceptional county … that it is.”

Prior to his post as county planner, Millican, now retired, worked as a certified public accountant (CPA) at Commonwealth of Virginia, served on the Hanover County Public School Board and ran for a seat on the Mechanicsville County Board of Supervisors.

The position will be part-time.

County Administrator Tracy Gee said she attended two meetings with Millican, and ended up reconnecting with someone Millican worked with in the past.

“We already met someone this morning that he knew from one of his previous employments with the state,” Gee said. “We’re already seeing the world come together. It’s a small world.”

Brown’s Store District Supervisor Mike Hankins welcomed Millican to the county and said they would be available if Millican needed assistance.

“If there’s anything any of us can do to support you, reach out,” Hankins said.