Service of inestimable worth

Published 3:23 pm Wednesday, May 16, 2018

We would like to heartily commend the Kindness Matters club at Central High School.

The name of the group itself sets an incredibly important focus and tone that is supported by club activities aimed around community service and bullying prevention.

Recently the group took time to honor those who died during the Columbine High School shooting on April 20, 1999.

This is praiseworthy for a variety of reasons.

First, it importantly puts focus on the victims of a school shooting rather than the perpetrators. To often we busy ourselves with satisfying our curiosities about the killers rather than taking time to reflect on those whom we lost. When we focus on and mourn for them, we rightly highlight and promote the sanctity of life.

Second, the event demonstrates a dedication to knowing history. The current Central students who make up Kindness Matters were not alive when the Columbine shooting happened, but it is so important that they are aware of this piece of recent history, just like it is important they know of other things that happened long ago. Having this knowledge is essential to help them take steps in preventing future tragedies.

Third, the event helps combat desensitization. Desensitization to these tragedies is a risk because there have now been many mass shootings, violence is prominent in our culture in many arenas, and we tend to have short attention spans now, moving quickly on to the next thing, whatever it may be. Put in that context, the Columbine shooting is old news, but the discipline and kindness that Central’s club showed in keeping alive the memory of those victims is a part of what will help restore a world where life is more highly valued.

To the Central students and staff making up the Kindness Matters club, well done. And please continue.