Town ups recreation efforts

Published 2:58 pm Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Hite Jr.

Members of the Kenbridge Town Council voted to set up a committee and advertise a public meeting to get community input to increase recreation opportunities in the town.

Town Mayor Emory Hodges said a resident of the town spoke with him about the town park and gymnasium, and recreational events that used to take place in the town, no longer do so.

Members of the public, including Angela Hardy and Dwayne Shell, have made proposals and generated ideas to increase activities for children and adults, including utilizing the Kenbridge Community Center and gymnasium, over the past few months.

Hodges said the resident suggested finding ways to organize efforts to restore the gymnasium or create more community events.

He noted events revolving around soccer and a strawberry festival that used to take place in the town.

For future events Hodges suggested a cookout where members of the county could make different foods or games, and voiced a suggestion from another resident about potentially having a wine festival.

Kenbridge Town Council member Raymond Hite suggested advertising for a public meeting.

During the discussion, Hodges suggested organizing a committee to look into creating more recreational opportunities or events.

“We could put together a group of people that are willing to be active and organize all of that,” Hodges said. “I think there is potential for this area, and we have a really nice field here.”

Hodges spoke about potentially modifying the field adjacent to the community center to make it a softball field.

Members of the council, following a vote, approved a motion to advertise a public meeting.