Looking forward to future

Published 1:44 pm Wednesday, May 30, 2018

The big day is nearly here. Students graduating from Central High School will have opportunities to celebrate with family members and choose their plans for trade, public service, college and numerous career or life paths.

The milestone in a student’s life of graduating from high school can be exciting and frightening for both the family and the student. Letting the past be past to take on the future feels, and becomes, more of a possibility once the diploma slips into the students’ hands. Wanting to hold on to the past and fear of the future are completely normal emotions, and can take time to overcome. Choosing the adventure that is the future, the unknown, ends up being a lot more rewarding.

Division Superintendent Charles Berkley spoke this message to students and families during last year’s graduation, encouraging them to live as meaningful a life as they can.

“Don’t settle for a little life,” Berkley said. “Live with purpose and with significance. Respect yourself, and others.”

In the same vein, last year’s Valedictorian Bobbi Joe Carwile encouraged students to not let opportunities pass them by, but to live life in a way that creates memories as well as results. “I encourage you, no, I implore you, create those unforgettable memories that will shine brighter and bolder than everything,” Carwile said. “Fill your life with those incomparable moments that you will always remember in clear and precise detail.”

Graduates, you have an entire future ahead of you. Of course there are obstacles and obligations that are different for each person. Whatever growth means to you, whatever your goals, pursue those. If it ticks some people off, fine. You have a community that will support you and build you up in whatever goals you want to achieve.