Interactive fun at park

Published 1:52 pm Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Whether it was crossing through a pool of Oobleck, showing livestock or trying one’s hand at archery, youth around the region got a chance to try out some of the programs 4H offers during its inaugural event, Fun Day, Saturday at the Victoria Railroad Park.

4H is a youth program offered by Cooperative Extensions around the U.S. that allow children to be involved in science, agriculture, health and community service, all while getting their hands dirty.

Dillon Robinson with the Lunenburg 4H said the event began as a way to incorporate new programs for children in the area.

“In talking with many people in the community they have stated that they would like more opportunities and programs for the youth in Lunenburg County,” Robinson said. “From these many conversations I want to start to offer the youth of Lunenburg County things to do throughout the year that is fun but they will learn from also. I am a big believer in hands-on learning so I want to offer as many chances as possible to the youth of Lunenburg County to do so.”

Events were separated into stations, which included everything from learning about wildlife, camp games and horses. One station let children practice archery while another let them cross a pool of Oobleck.

What is Oobleck? Robinson said it’s a science experiment.

“Oobleck is a combination of cornstarch and water, when mixed together it functions as a liquid and a solid and you can actually walk across (it),” Robinson said.

Robinson estimated that approximately 60 youth, ranging from 2-16 years old, attended the event with their families.

“I really wanted youth in Lunenburg County to know what programs 4-H can offer,” Robinson said. “4-H has so many different programs and activities in so many different subject areas that I wanted to have an event that exposed the youth to some of these subjects and programs to hopefully get them interested in getting involved in the 4-H programs that (they) are interested in. I also hope that the youth that participated not only had fun but learned something new that they previously didn’t know before they came to the 4-H Fun Day in the Park event.”

For those interested in learning more about area 4-H program can contact Robinson at his office, (434) 696-5526, cell, (434) 265-0201 or email at