Life is fleeting

Published 2:28 pm Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Fleeting: passing swiftly; vanishing quickly; transient; transitory (

Last Tuesday I was talking to my daughter on the phone and she was extremely excited because she was at a weeklong Department of Defense financial conference. She said thousands of people were there and she was seeing friends she hadn’t seen in over 20 years. I smiled at the excitement in her voice and told her to enjoy herself but be careful out there. She contacted me the next day almost in tears, one of the conference attendees was hit by a car and was in the intensive care unit. She called back on Friday and said the young lady passed away.

That young lady left her home Tuesday for a conference expecting to have a great time, instead her family is now making arrangements to lay her to rest. As I prayed for the woman’s family a thought came to my mind, “Life is fleeting.”

In life, anything can happen at any time. Even in a split second your world can be turned upside down, most of us live as though there will always be a tomorrow, that’s why we are able to go for hours, days, weeks, months, even years holding a grudge against our love ones. We behave this way because we feel we can set it right at a later date, but always remember, life is fleeting so there may not be a next day.

Stop postponing life and start living it before it is gone. Ecclesiastes 11:10 says, “So then, banish anxiety from your heart and cast off the troubles of your body, for youth and vigor are meaningless (fleeting).” I interpret this verse to mean that we need to stop sweating the small stuff; our youth as well as our life will eventually end so enjoy it while you can but always remember that God is the center of it.

Tomorrow is not promised to any of us, so get out there and do some of the things you’ve always wanted to do. Make amends with family and friends before it’s too late. Go back to school, take a chance on love, walk in the rain, and dance like no one is watching! Always remember, life is fleeting, enjoy it while you can because you may not get another opportunity. Be blessed in Jesus’ name.

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