New polling area takes effect

Published 8:37 am Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Voters in the 501 Reedy Creek voting precinct will cast their votes at its new polling area for the June 12 primary, County Registrar Carolyn Parsons confirmed.

This will be the first election that the new polling area will be used, Parsons said.

The polling area is located at the Bethlehem Reformed Zion Union Apostolic Church (RZUA) at 2455 Reedy Creek Road.

See other polling locations below. Polls will remain open until 7 p.m.

District One, Plymouth –

101 – Victoria Fire & Rescue Building

1421 Main St., Victoria

District Two, Brown’s Store – 

201 – Kenbridge Town Hall

511 E. Fifth Ave., Kenbridge

District Three, Beavers Creek –

301 – Rosebud Baptist Church

249 Gigg Road, Dundas

302 – Flat Rock Baptist Church

2993 Brickland Road, Kenbridge

District Four, Rehoboth – 

401 – Arrowhead Gun Club

PO Box 25, Chase City

402 – Pleasant Grove Tussekiah Baptist Church

3514 Crymes Road, Meherrin

District Five, Love’s Mill – 

501 – Bethlehem RZUA

2455 Reedy Creek Road, Lunenburg

502 – People’s Community Center

1021 Tidewater Ave., Victoria

District Six, Hound’s Creek – 

601 – Kenbridge Rescue Building

915 E. Fifth Ave., Kenbridge

District Seven, Meherrin –

64 Moores Ordinary Road, Meherrin

702 – Victoria Public Library

1417 7th St., Victoria

Members of the Lunenburg County Board of Supervisors voted to approve the polling location change for precinct 501 during its February meeting. The previous location had been the Lunenburg County Tax Building on 11512 Courthouse Road.

Members of the board noted that the location would be an improvement due to the location being disability accessible and having a restroom in the facility.

Parsons said voters in Lunenburg can vote for members of the Republican senatorial race, and noted that the democratic senatorial primary will not take place in the area.

Candidates running for the senate seat include Corey Stewart, Nick Freitas and E. W. Jackson.