Towns repair water issues

Published 11:39 am Wednesday, June 27, 2018

The Towns of Victoria and Kenbridge have recently addressed water issues in the respective towns. Some businesses and offices were affected, however the issues were quickly resolved.

The Town of Victoria repaired a water line leak that took place in the areas of Seventh and Eighth Streets in town June 14.

Town Manager Rodney Newton said in an email that the town repaired a water line that was leaking.

“A few businesses were affected for about 30 minutes while the water was shut off to make repairs,” Newton said. The Town of Kenbridge experienced a water issue June 18 that resulted in low water pressure. Town Manager Robyn Fowler said the calls she received from residents were from near the town office. The town office was also affected by the low water pressure.

She said the incident lasted approximately 15 minutes.