Where are the flags?

Published 11:21 am Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Dear Editor, A poem by Pat Israel:

I’ve heard it said, and I’ll bet it’s true Not long ago in a town or two Fourth of July was red-white and- blue!

“Where are the flags?” I heard people say. Then, “the man who did that has moved away.” “The business had a bracket to use; and always flew the red-white and- blues.”

Can’t fly your flag? Your flag no longer new? Walmart, Home Depot and Dollar General too Would help anyone out with a flag or two

Put a flag in the window of your office or store Put one on your mailbox or on your front door. Raise those stars and those stripes someone fought or died for

Paint a pallet. Drape some fabric Seen those painted pallets? Have colored paper? Or hang a blue skirt, white shirt and red hat What’s wrong with that? Put your colors out there – Don’t let the fourth fall flat!

Pat Israel Lunenburg