Kenbridge meet and greet

Published 12:35 pm Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Members of the Kenbridge Town Council held a meet and greet for citizens July 2. These same elected members were also sworn in during a ceremony performed during the meeting. The event, held at the Kenbridge Community Center, allowed for an open forum where citizens asked questions about the town, and council members responded. Councilmember Cathy Gilley said the event had refreshments, a relaxed atmosphere and a good turnout from town citizens. “I think it was nice for the citizens to be able to come and meet the new council members,” Gilley said. “I was impressed with the turnout.” She said having a forum for people to familiarize themselves with the council would have a positive impact. “I think it went very well,” Town Mayor Emory Hodges said, who noted there were more citizens who attended than he expected. He estimated the meeting lasted approximately an hour. Hodges was re-elected as mayor, and Gilley, Daniel Thompson, Ken Blackburn, Mike Bender, Raymond Hite were re-elected as councilmembers during a town election May 1. Wanda Morrison was elected to the town council seat held by Mike McGrath and was sworn in July 2. Hodges said the council is equipped with experienced members and new opportunities to reach the town through Morrison. “Most of them have served multiple terms,” Hodges said about the council. “So we still have a very seasoned and experienced council.” About Morrison, Hodges said, “I’m excited about it. I think she’s going to be a real asset to our council.” Morrison said she was glad to see the citizens’ involvement during the meeting. “It did give the citizens of Kenbridge an opportunity to ask questions of town council and the mayor,” Morrison said. “There were a lot of open discussions, which is what we need within the county. I just hope the citizens of Kenbridge will continue to participate and come to the town council meetings so their voice can be heard.” “The entire town council that was there, the members that were there and the mayor were very open to answering their questions and providing information that they requested,” Morrison said. She thanked members of the town for their support, particularly in supporting her while she was being sworn in. “I think it was a start to letting people know that town council is there to help and assist and we just need the assistance from the citizens as well,” Morrison said.