Reasons to celebrate

Published 12:17 pm Wednesday, July 11, 2018

There was plenty to celebrate last week in the Town of Kenbridge, and I am going to take a moment to highlight some of those things.

First of all, there was Independence Day Wednesday, the ultimate holiday on the calendar that gives us the opportunity to show our patriotism.

The existence of this holiday serves as the foundation for the other reasons to celebrate that I’d like to cite.

The Town of Kenbridge and the Lunenburg County Chamber of Commerce put together an inaugural parade and July Jubilee.

It was clear from the design of the festival that the town and the chamber wanted to engage the community. Those in attendance at the morning parade were invited to ride alongside on bicycles, wagons or vehicles, preferably if they were expressing their patriotic spirit through red, white and blue decor.

Admission to the celebration was free, and the jubilee that began after the parade also featured a ribbon cutting and grand opening ceremony for the recently installed Kenbridge Farmers Market.

The town and chamber should be commended for this effort to bring people together in a celebration that fosters further unity by celebrating our unity as Americans. The contagious spirit of excitement that organizers had for the event and their country was obvious in the parade event description which read as follows: “Get out your marching shoes, dust off your uniforms and period costumes, tune up your instruments; decorate your bikes, trikes and wagons; shine up your autos, trucks and tractors. Join the parade and celebrate our independence.”

Titus Mohler is the sports editor for The Kenbridge- Victoria Dispatch and Farmville Newsmedia, LLC. His email address is Titus.Mohler@