Baskerville convicted for drugs, firearm possession

Published 4:58 pm Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Marvin Eugene Baskerville Jr., 24, formerly of 802 Park Ave. in Victoria, was sentenced recently in Lunenburg Circuit Court to 15 years in prison on two felony drug convictions and attempt to possess a firearm while possessing controlled substances, with all suspended except one year to serve, according to a release from the Lunenburg Commonwealth’s Attorney Office.

Marvin Eugene Baskerville Jr.

According to Commonwealth’s Attorney Robert Clement in the release, the defendant was found in a residence at 517 E. Sixth Ave. in Kenbridge Oct. 6, 2017 along with four other young adult men and two juveniles when police arrived to conduct a search of the main tenant, Preston Logan.

“Logan was not present at the time, but police noticed the odor of marijuana, secured the house and obtained a search warrant,” the release cited. “Inside one of Baskerville’s socks, an officer found a folded $100 bill with two pills which were analyzed and determined to be Hydrocodone, a Schedule II drug. These two pills matched up with about half of 29 pills identified as Hydrocodone found in a bookbag on the kitchen floor which also contained about two ounces of cocaine, a .22 RG Revolver, a Jimenez Arms 9mm handgun, and $4,790.00 cash.”

The release cited that the bookbag also contained two payroll receipts in the name of Baskerville for the weeks of Sept. 7 through Sept. 20.
Baskerville denied ownership of the bookbag and said he had loaned it to one of the other men a couple of weeks prior. Text messages recovered from Baskerville’s cellphone indicted that Baskerville was more of a user than a distributor, according to Clement.

“Officers found another bookbag on top of a kitchen cabinet containing about a pound of marijuana and a set of digital scales,” the release cited. “A Smith and Wesson .40 caliber handgun was found in a drawer at the bottom of the stove. A Rossi .357 revolver was found in a third backpack in the living room.”

All guns were sent to the lab for analysis, but no fingerprints were recovered. The $4,790 cash was forfeited to the state by a separate forfeiture process and hearing.

No other individuals were charged, the release cited. No other individuals than Baskerville had drugs or guns upon their persons according to the investigation, said Clement.

Baskerville had a previous adjudication in 2017 for possession of a controlled substance on Aug. 14, 2017 in Prince Edward County.

Clement said the active sentence given by Circuit Judge S. Anderson Nelson is within the recommendation of the sentencing guidelines.

“In addition to the time he will serve on the Lunenburg conviction, the defendant will be subject to conditions of good behavior for 15 years, supervised probation for one year, counseling, warrantless searches for five years, and suspension of driver’s license for 12 months after his release,” the release cited.