Overton convcited of drug possession

Published 4:51 pm Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Jeffrey Dwayne Overton, 46, of 3350 Lunenburg County Road, Keysville, received a felony conviction for possession of a schedule II controlled substance recently in Lunenburg Circuit Court as a result of possessing three small bags of methamphetamine, a release from the Lunenburg Commonwealth’s Attorney Office cited.

Jeffrey Dwayne Overton

He was sentenced to five years with all but three months suspended, but also received an additional nine months on a revocation of part of a 1996 conviction for malicious bodily injury of a law enforcement officer.

Overton was stopped by drug task force officers on a traffic offense after being seen departing from a suspected drug dealer’s residence, according to Commonwealth’s Attorney Robert Clement in the release.

“Officers noticed two bags of marijuana in the cupholder of the vehicle and put Overton in handcuffs,” the release cited. “Overton admitted that he had meth in his right front pocket. Officers also recovered a metal tube associated with using drugs and a set of digital scales. He also had $173 cash which was forfeited to the state.”

The release cited that Overton’s five years suspended are subject to conditions of good behavior, supervised probation, abstaining from illegal drugs, substance abuse counseling, and warrantless searches and seizures. He as authorized to serve his sentence on work release if eligible and if approved by the jail.