Comprehensive plan meeting set

Published 11:31 am Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Lunenburg County Board of Supervisors and the Commonwealth Regional Council (CRC) cited that a meeting between the county, town officials and the comprehensive plan committee is set to take place Oct. 11 for the Lunenburg/ Kenbridge/Victoria Comprehensive Plan.

County Attorney Frank Rennie addressed the comprehensive plan during the July 12 board of supervisors meeting.

“We’re coming down the home stretch,” Rennie said. “At our meeting on Oct. 11, the October Board of Supervisors meeting, there will be a presentation made by our committee on the Lunenburg County Comprehensive Plan.”

“We’re looking forward to having something to present,” Rennie said.

The last time the county’s comprehensive plan was updated was in 2012.

A survey asking the county its vision for the area for the comprehensive plan was distributed the summer of 2017. Community members also provided input on the comprehensive plan during a series of community meetings that took place in January and February. CRC Planner Andre Gilliam made a similar announcement during the July 18 CRC meeting. He said the comprehensive plan committee met June 28.

“We reviewed the land use section, basically looking at the maps and potential average for growth, and potential businesses moving in,” Gilliam said. “We also reviewed the goals, objectives and strategies … I think it was a good session.”

CRC Executive Director Melody Foster said the choice to have a meeting Oct. 11 changed from an original plan for each town and county to meet separately to discuss the comprehensive plan.

“I thought the working committee came up with a good idea,” Foster said. “They said, why don’t we all just meet together? We can have one meeting where we see the presentation, and we can all have our comments together and get what everybody else says, considering that it is a joint comprehensive plan anyway.”

Mike Hankins with the CRC said the county has already seen growth addressed in one issue during the comprehensive plan public meetings that citizens’ request for a gourmet ice cream parlor had been answered by two places, Timmy’s Scoops and Rosewood Cafe, which sell ice cream.