Appreciation of local newspaper

Published 11:54 am Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Dear Editor,

I have just been re-reading the Aug. 1 edition of The K-V Dispatch and I am so impressed by a trend that runs through the articles. Good reporting and competent writing have become increasingly evident in each edition; but this trend is in content as well: a focus on the talented and enterprising and caring and sharing individuals here.

From news of opening businesses and community events, to postings of fresh vegetables for sale, and information on boosting career achievement, it becomes clear that economic development is being supported. By the picture of Delegate Wright’s catch at Buggs Island Lake, we are reminded that hunting, fishing and other forms of agri-tourism are important for Lunenburg to promote. The SVCC(Southside Virginia Community College) column reveals so many opportunities; our legislators keep our interests and needs before the eyes of national and state government; a representative from USDA shares techniques to help farmers and protect our environment.

How I appreciate that the heart of the community is so well shown. The paper recognizes new and expanding businesses like the new Central Café bringing us a reference to high school days, enthusiastically supports our youth, celebrates our seniors’ birthday milestones, shows us how visitors and tourists are attracted by the rural lifestyle, and publishes meditations on the importance of kindness and on the solace to be found in simple care of God’s winged and furred creatures. Hope, help, humor and love is what impresses me.

Many issues need the help of our community and we all can contribute to that help. Each of us has an ability to offer, and some time to do so, but it sure is wonderful to see that those efforts can be inspired by our local newspaper.

Pat Israel Kenbridge