Published 10:51 am Wednesday, August 22, 2018

August 22: Mooch Johnson. August 23: Kerry Moore, Kalee Newcomb, David Vaughan and Christopher Garrett. August 24: Lynn Lyes, Trent Dorin and Sue Reynolds. August 25: Kelly Coffee, Jole Doty, Jacqueline S. Haskins, Sherry O. Harris, Betty Williams and Lamont Brand. August 26: Chuck Harding, Cal Williams, Caleb Lee Hamlett and Raleigh Q. Harris. August 27: Tiffany Thompson, Chip Hoyle, Teresa Finch, Tiffany Thompson and Savannah Fowler. August 28: Kevin Wray Cumbea, Shirley T. Batte, Dave Woods, Nate Williams and Sarah Blevins.