Addressing the transportation problem

Published 9:55 am Wednesday, August 29, 2018

In light of absenteeism being cited as a major issue for the largest employer in Lunenburg County, according to a previous Dispatch report, we would like to offer up an exhortation and a commendation in relation to transportation in the area.

First, we’d like to commend the Blackstone Area Bus System (BABS). It navigates through the county — including the towns of Victoria and Kenbridge — on one of its routes, providing an important transportation option.

The BABS bus comes through Lunenburg Monday-Friday, with multiple morning and afternoon routes.

Apparently BABS averaged approximately 250-300 riders a month from the Lunenburg area during Fiscal Year 2017, though some of these riders could be the same person on a connected trip.

Town of Blackstone Director of Transportation Josh Worrell said BABS initially began in 2003 to service lower income and elderly residents who needed transportation to reach doctor’s appointments and do basic shopping. He added that the system was originally only for the Town of Blackstone but has since then absorbed local transportation systems in surrounding towns.

We heartily commend the Blackstone Area Bus System for its service to Lunenburg County and its residents.

However, this quite naturally leads right into the exhortation. It would be great to have a solution to the transportation issue that is closer to home.

It was noted in our report that there used to be taxis in Victoria, but now they are no more. We would like to stoke an entrepreneurial spirit in the course of seeing this transportation problem solved.

Even if it was a part-time endeavor, some kind of economic ride-sharing business could be of significant benefit to the county, and we encourage enterprising individuals to consider the possibilities.

We have the privilege to regularly report on the resourcefulness and overall ability of Lunenburg County residents, and because of this, we know this transportation issue that leads to absenteeism is something the good folks of this county can overcome.