Landfill committee meets

Published 10:25 am Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Lunenburg County’s Landfill Committee and Citizen Advisory Board met Aug. 28 to discuss the current landfill cell’s closure plan and procedures.

Landfill cells, or areas that store waste, are buried after they are filled with a certain amount of waste.

Tracy Gee, Lunenburg County Administrator, said the landfill committee was formed when the county still owned the landfill. She said the Citizen Advisory Board (CAB) was formed after Container First Services (CFS) purchased the landfill.

The Board of Supervisor’s Landfill Committee consists of Gee, Hound’s Creek Supervisor Alvester Edmonds, Chairman and Rehoboth Supervisor Randy Slayton. The Citizen Advisory Board includes Edmonds and Ronnie Williams as the citizen representative.

“The intent of the CAB is to provide private citizen input to CFS, elected officials, and the Landfill Liaison about concerns and questions regarding Lunenburg Landfill operations,” Gee said.

She said the board was formed as part of the host agreement between the county and CFS.

“This committee does not typically have an agenda and is not authorized to take any action, only to make recommendations to the board of supervisors for action,” Gee said.

She said the committee should meet quarterly, but has met less often due to some of the members’ schedules and the absence of citizen complaints.

“The Landfill Liaison communicates with other members and staff to keep them aware of any issues as they arise,” Gee said.

She said for those who are interested in providing comments or concerns on the landfill, to contact Landfill Liaison Carl Ashworth. According to the county website, Ashworth can be reached at the County Administration office at (434) 696-2142 or the landfill site at (434) 696-2559.