Walker sentenced for stolen firearms

Published 9:29 am Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Anthony Walker

A Dundas man was recently sentenced on two felonies for being found in possession of stolen firearms, according to a news release from the Lunenburg Commonwealth’s Attorney Office. Anthony Lewis “BoBo” Walker, 62, was sentenced in Lunenburg Circuit Court on two felonies and to four months in jail as a result of “being caught with stolen firearms that had been traded to him by the thief,” the release cited.

Walker entered an Alford Plea of Guilty to felony charges of receiving stolen property and possession of firearm while in possession of a schedule II controlled substance.

Walker also received nine years and eight months suspended on his sentence.

“According to Commonwealth’s Attorney Robert Clement, on Feb. 18, a man was caught in Mecklenburg County with a stolen television,” the release cited. “He admitted the theft and said he had also taken five rifles and shotguns. He said he took them to the residence of Walker and exchanged them for cocaine.”

“The local narcotics task force obtained a search warrant for Walker’s residence and surrounding property,” the release cited. “With the assistance of the Lunenburg Sheriff’s Office and state police, the task force entered the property and found Walker, his family and friends engaged in a birthday party. When told what they were searching for, Walker said he had told the man to leave with the guns, but that the man just left them there. He swore that he was going to call the police and tell them that the other man had delivered the guns to his house, but had not gotten around to it. He showed police where two of the guns were located in a shed. He said he had told one of his friends to take three of the guns away. He denied trading cocaine for the guns.”

The release cited that officers seized plant material believed to be marijuana and small amounts of white powder substance believed by police to be cocaine, but is currently being tested at the state lab.

“A severe backlog of thousands of submissions to the lab has resulted in taking up to nine to 10 months to get the results,” the release cited.

The release cited that Walker had prior convictions of two felony counts of driving as a habitual offender in 2011, assault in 1997, possession of marijuana and possession of cocaine and receiving stolen property in 1998, violation of probation in 1999, driving as a habitual offender in 2002, probation violation in 2002, and another conviction of driving as a habitual offender in 2002.

The release cited that the sentence was within the sentencing guidelines range submitted to the court. Walker was given until Sept. 11 to report to jail and to serve his sentence on work release if eligible and if approved by the jail.