Flannagan named new landfill director

Published 8:48 am Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Tom Flanagan

The Lunenburg landfill is set to have a new director, according to an announcement made by the parent company of the landfill.

Tom Flannagan with Meridian Waste, which owns Container First Services (CFS), which owns the Lunenburg landfill, was announced as the director of both the Lunenburg and Petersburg Tri City landfill Monday.

“Flannagan will be responsible for all compliance, safety, operations and budgets for Tri City Regional Landfill and Lunenburg Landfill,” a news release detailing Flannagan’s appointment cited. “He has more than 22 years of industry experience most recently serving as project director for Charah Solutions (NYSE: CHRA) and prior to that general manager for Advanced Disposal (NYSE: ADSW) leading operations for two landfills in the Midwest region, including the company’s largest landfill in the U.S.”

Flannagan began his position Monday.

Flannagan, in a statement, said he was looking forward to serving in Lunenburg and in the region.

“I am very excited about my newest role as Director – Virginia Landfills for Meridian Waste, locally known as The CFS Group,” Flannagan said. “Working with local communities and helping them understand the operations and local infrastructure benefits of modern day landfills as environmental engineering marvels is equally important to me as ensuring the environmental integrity of our natural resources. I am eager to jump in and get to know both the operations and our communities to ensure that Meridian Waste / CFS is a good, involved neighbor in Lunenburg as well as our other operating locations.”

Mary O’Brien with Meridian Waste said all CFS employees will retain their positions following Flannagan’s appointment.

O’Brien said in a phone interview Monday that Flannagan’s office is set to be located in Petersburg, but that he will be a frequent presence at the Lunenburg landfill.

“As the director over both of those landfills, he will be visiting in Lunenburg quite a bit, making sure that all of our operations are compliant and efficient,” she said. “But most importantly compliant with meeting state and federal regulations, that we are interacting with our neighboring community, that we are serve as a good neighbor. So he will definitely have a very visible face in Lunenburg.”

O’Brien said having Flannagan on board will add a strength to the landfill.

“I think he’s a great asset to, not only our company, but just making sure we are involved in the communities we serve,” O’Brien said.

During the Lunenburg County Board of Supervisors meeting Thursday, County Administrator Tracy Gee said the Lunenburg landfill is collecting trash from Petersburg while the Petersburg landfill owned by CFS is constructing a new cell. Gee said the trucks will be directed through the Oral Oaks Road route.

O’Brien said in response to an inquiry from the Dispatch that the Lunenburg landfill collecting trash from the Petersburg landfill is not connected with Flannagan’s appointment.

“What we try to do is use the most efficient operations that we have between our Tri City landfill and our Lunenburg landfill, so whether or not one landfill diverts some tonnage to the other is an operational efficiency that we look at on a regular basis,” O’Brien said. “We are looking at diverting some waste out of the greater Richmond market to Lunenburg.”