Local artist inspired

Published 12:15 pm Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Artist Linda W. Clark of Victoria, was inspired and given permission to paint “The Last Show” after seeing a post from her friend, Cindi @ themustardseed205 on Instagram. Cindi shared that she and her family had gone and enjoyed the Kelly Miller Circus in the small town of Marble Hill, Missouri. The beautiful red white and blue photo she shared caught Clarks eye, knowing that the Ringling Brother and Barnum Bailey Circus had just recently had its last show in Richmond.

We have all been to a circus and enjoyed the faces of our children as they watch with excitement. This company, The Kelly Miller Circus has been providing entertainment for nearly 80 years. The Ringling Bros. and Barnum Bailey Circus provided the best shows on earth, but in 2017 after 146 years the circus closed its doors. Clarks desire was to paint a beautiful red, white and blue painting to honor both companies for all the entertaining years they had provided our families for so many years.

Around Labor Day Clark posted her finished painting on Instagram. She received a message from someone that she loved it. Then Clark received an email from Rebecca Ostroff, the same person, on her Creative Works website. Ostroff said that she was the blond with the red coat that was in Clarks amazing painting and she wanted to purchase a print if available. Ostroff, an aerialist, was the Ringmaster of the Kelly Miller Circus. She was also in the 2011 movie “Water for Elephants” spinning by her teeth.

A few days passed after their exchange when Clark received another message from Ostroff asking if the original painting, “The Last Show” was available, and if so, John Ringling North, II would like to purchase a print for her and the original for himself. North, one of the last Ringlings to own a circus, bought the Kelly Miller Circus in 2007. This painting was special to both Ostroff and Ringling because it was the last show for Ostroff as the Ringmaster and for Ringling being the owner of the Kelly Miller Circus. Ringling retired from the circus business and the circus is under new ownership.

Clark shipped the painting to Ardmore, Oklahoma for Ringlings return from Ireland in September. Just recently she received an email from him stating “I saw the painting yesterday and I think it is fantastic.” She also received an email from Jim Dexhimer stating “I love your painting” and enclosed two pictures of John Ringling North II with her painting, “The Last Show.” For more information visit Clarks website at creativeworksoflindaclark.com.