An important learning opportunity

Published 1:09 pm Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Fire Prevention Week is underway, and we hope those of you in the community will take advantage of the special opportunity Kenbridge Fire Department is affording you this Sunday from noon-3 p.m.

The department will be holding its annual open house that has immense value for both young and old. Children and families will have the opportunity to interact with firefighters, get an up-close look at some of the department’s firefighting equipment and learn more about the department overall.

There will also be a fi re simulation that will create a great opportunity for department members to show children how the hoses are used to douse the fi res. The simulation will be completely safe.

The open house will follow other activities during the week in which firefighters will come to area children at their schools, adding fi re prevention techniques and proper fi re response to the school curricula.

Kenbridge Fire Chief Richard “Dickie” Harris expressed excitement about he and his staff being able to educate and entertain people in the area. “We hope the public will be able to come by and see our facilities and see the equipment that we have, meet some of the firemen they may or may not know — a general open house,” Harris said. “We do it every year, and citizens seem to enjoy it.”

The event will also give Harris a chance to explain the department’s new billing practices should any citizens be interested.

In a previous Dispatch report, he said the billing would be for the fi re department’s services in the cases of car accidents, and the department would bill individuals’ insurance companies. Harris added that in the event of a structure fi re, the department would bill the property owner.

He pointed to the new measure of billing as a necessary one for the department.

“I can see down the road that the fi re department, in the future, is going to have a problem if we don’t start charging,” Harris said.

Come out and support the department Sunday, enjoying an afternoon of learning and fun.