Hall sentenced for camper theft

Published 11:35 am Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Samuel Hall

Samuel Lee Hall, previously suspected of having stolen and buried a bulldozer in Lunenburg, will face a prison sentence for that incident and for the theft of a camper that occurred in March.

Hall, 23, of Green Bay, was convicted in Lunenburg Circuit Court recently on a felony charge of Grand Larceny for the theft of a camper and sentenced to one year in prison. He was also given an additional nine months to serve for violating probation on a previous larceny conviction in 2017, a release from the Lunenburg County Commonwealth’s Attorney cited.

Hall entered a guilty plea to one count of Grand Larceny on Sept. 18 that took place in March.

“A resident near Bethel Church Road called the Lunenburg Sheriff’s Office to report a possible theft of a 24-foot travel trailer camper from a wooded section of an adjacent property,” the release cited. “The resident reported that he had run into Hall on a forest road near the victim’s property a few days before the camper went missing. The resident was running his coon dogs that night when he heard a noise coming from where the camper was located. He remained quiet and heard a truck engine start. The truck came out of the woods onto the forest road, and the resident spoke to the occupants. He recognized Hall, having known him for all of Hall’s life. They spoke briefly, and Hall and the other man left. A few days later, the resident returned to find the camper missing.”

Investigators from the Lunenburg County Sheriff’s Office, according to the release, were able to get in contact with the victim, who lives in the Tidewater area, and confirm that the camper was indeed missing.

Police went to Hall’s residence, and discovered the camper in his driveway.

“After they confirmed the (Vehicle Identification Number, (VIN) they confronted Hall about the camper,” the release cited. “He denied stealing it, and produced a purported bill of sale but no title. The bill of sale was for a mere $500, but the camper was determined to be worth at least $2,500. The so-called ‘bill of sale’ also listed a chain saw and a generator. These two items were later determined to be stolen from a farm in Prince Edward County for which Hall currently faces charges.”

The release cited that Hall is also facing charges there for the theft of a bulldozer in Prince Edward County which was found buried on property in Lunenburg County in late May.

“Hall had access to heavy equipment to dig the hole,” the release cited. “The camper was recovered and returned to the owner, but was significantly damaged.”

Hall, following the Sept. 18 plea agreement, was sentenced to five years with four years suspended on the Grand Larceny.

“On a Show Cause for a probation violation on a prior Grand Larceny conviction for theft of a tractor trailer load of timber, he had nine years of a previously suspended sentence revoked, with eight years, three months re-suspended,” the release cited. “The total active sentence Hall will serve is one year, nine months.”

The suspended portion of his sentence is subject to the following conditions: good behavior for five years, one year active supervised probation, search and seizure waiver for five years, no possession of or proximity to fi rearms, and payment of restitution to the victim in the amount of $1,250, the release cited.