Moore charged for burglary

Published 11:37 am Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Shane Moore

A suspect has been convicted of felony charges in connection with a break-in at Springer Insurance Company that occurred in September 2017. Shane Douglas Moore, 21, of Victoria, was convicted of Burglary and Grand Larceny at the Lunenburg County Circuit Court. “On Sept. 11, 2017, an employee of Springer Insurance Company reported a break-in to the Victoria Police Department,” a news release from the Lunenburg County Commonwealth’s Attorney Office cited. “Officers arrived to find glass smashed out of the front door, and shoe prints and pry marks on an interior door to the office. Officers also found another exterior window to the office smashed. Closer inspection yielded blood and a small piece of hair and skin stuck in the window frame where the suspect entered. The office was ransacked and $300 cash was missing.” According to the release, DNA led to the identification of the defendant as the perpetrator. “Officers suspected Shane Moore, and upon speaking to him observed a fresh cut on his left forearm,” the release cited. “Moore denied involvement in the burglary. Officers obtained a search warrant for Moore’s DNA, and submitted it along with the blood and skin to the state forensic lab for analysis. After approximately nine months, the police received the results of the DNA analysis. Because of the caseload at the state forensic lab, long wait times are common.” The release cited that the results indicated that a profile had been developed from the blood, and that profile was compared against Moore’s DNA profile. Moore’s match was calculated to be a probability of one to 7.2 billion people. Based on the results, the release cited that Moore was direct-indicted by the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s office, and police arrested Moore. Moore entered a plea agreement in Lunenburg Circuit Court on Sept. 18. “He was convicted of one felony count of Burglary, and one felony count of Grand Larceny of currency,” the release cited. “He received a sentence of five years for the Burglary, with four years, nine months suspended. He received a sentence of five years for the Grand Larceny, with all five years suspended. His Sentencing Guidelines recommended probation with no active incarceration.” The release cited the suspended portion of his sentence is subject to conditions of good behavior for 10 years, supervised probation for one year, no contact with the victims, no entry onto the property of the victims, waiver of search and seizure rights for five years, no possession of or proximity to fi rearms, notifying the court and law enforcement of any change in address, and paying restitution to the victim in the amount of $1,222.57.