Exploring the world by reading

Published 10:03 am Wednesday, October 24, 2018

More than 400 elementary school students and families wandered through a large part of the world all without straying too far from home.

The “Reading Takes You Places” event, held by Kenbridge Elementary School and Victoria Elementary School, took place Oct. 17 at the Victoria Railroad Park.

In addition to visiting tables inspired by children’s book authors such as Dr. Seuss, children also got the chance to learn about different places around the world and Asian, European, Canadian and Latin American cultures.

Andrea Shell, Kenbridge Elementary School principal, said this is the second year the two schools have held this event.

“Books and stories from around the world were shared, paired with experiences and artifacts shared by our community volunteers, representing places around the world they had visited or previously lived,” Shell said.

Shell said volunteers brought examples of art, pottery, money, food and other representations of cultural artifacts.

She said she hopes the event will create a curiosity and respect for different cultures from students and their families, and see reading as a way to explore new ideas and interests.

“We were hoping to expose our students to various cultures from various cultures,” Shell said.