Published 10:04 am Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Last night my daughter Patricia and I were going to the barber to get my hair cut and having a great time talking. All of a sudden, right in front of us was the most beautiful sunset we have ever seen. The sun was so big and beautifully reddish-orange. It was shining so brightly that it took our breath away.

The sun seemed as if it was in a picture frame sitting in the middle of the street. I have seen many sunsets but never one as beautiful. The other drivers must have thought so too because they were also gazing. A scene like this comes only once in a lifetime. We stood in awe and by the time we recovered and thought about taking a picture, the sun had set.

My daughters always say that I find beauty in everything and it’s true. Beauty is everywhere, all around us, all you have to do is look around. The humming of the bees, the singing of the birds, the wind blowing, the hues of the trees and the love and understanding of people. If you are open to the blessings that God shows us on a daily basis, like me, you would be in amazement about the little things.

God wants us to see His Glory in everything from the smallest ant to the largest elephant; from the molehill, to the mountain. I imagine God saying, “I gave you this for your enjoyment. When I created this, I said it was good so take a closer look and see what I did for you.”

I see you God, and I thank You for Your glory and Your blessings. Be blessed in Jesus’ name.

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