Lauding community

Published 11:23 am Wednesday, November 7, 2018

If there’s one thing that Lunenburg County and the towns of Victoria and Kenbridge have proven this year, it’s that collaboration and community participation yield amazing results.

Case in point is the inaugural July Jubilee in Kenbridge, which drew an enormous crowd from not just Kenbridge residents but those in surrounding communities.

The Victoria Music in the Park events that started this summer have drawn in not only live bands and merchants from Lunenburg and surrounding counties, but numerous members of the community as well.

So, it was exciting to hear members of the Lunenburg County Chamber of Commerce discuss the potential for a wine festival in the county.

An event that would need several wineries represented, or cider brewers is a large undertaking. Facing this challenge, members of the chamber decided to form a committee that would explore the potential of the festival, with member Chris Craft heading the committee.

Members of the chamber discussed the potential to have other merchants represented to make the festival more inclusive.

With the resources that Lunenburg has, and the marked success the county and two towns have had in putting together celebrations, it’s exciting to see representatives explore this opportunity.

An annual festival in the county could mean revenue for the county, for area businesses, and the potential to form strong bonds with sponsors both within and outside Lunenburg.

We at The Dispatch welcome this discussion and the formation of the committee in exploring this possibility for Lunenburg.