Published 11:44 am Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Over the weekend I took the time to walk the grounds around my home. Sunday was a particularly beautiful day, the outdoor temperatures were mild and the sun was shining. It was perfect weather to be out in nature’s garden, clear my mind of the daily mundane concerns and make some important decisions regarding personal evolution or change in my life. Don’t misunderstand, I am one to embrace change. However I don’t take to it lightly or without much soul searching. In my heart I will take the time to relate to all sides of a situation, consider all suggestions and in the end solitarily come to my decision.

I walked the vineyard rows and made a mental note to myself that the vines needed cutting. I meandered through the micro orchard and pondered adding some additional trees. I leisurely ambled through the wooded lots and stopped to take photos of numerous species of moss, fern and fungi that had sprung to life up through the water soaked layers of leafy debris. While surveying the aftermath of the last two hurricanes, I could not help but to imagine what my “playground” down by the creek would look like in the spring. Would the usual plant life have survived the flood or will there be an entirely new eco system in place? Only time will tell. From the woods my path of travel took me to the pond were I was fortunate to get a photo of a Blue Heron.

The Blue Heron is a beautiful creature. It is quite a large bird that stands strong on its two very long legs. Very seldom seen with others it is considered a solitary soul. Many people consider them a nuisance and accuse their kind of solitarily cleaning out ponds of all fish life. I have seen them often at my pond for years and there is an abundance of fish, so their presence does not bother me. Besides I find their graceful flight and beautiful color somewhat of an honor to behold.

After my brief encounter with the blue heron I could not help but see and relate to the many traits the American Indian Tribes associate them with: Peace, Grace, Wisdom and most predominant Patience. I had come to peace with my thoughts, found the balance I was seeking and have patiently made MY decision.

Like the Blue Heron I have always followed my own unique wisdom and path of self- determination. I will be taking a hiatus from contributing my columns in The K-V Dispatch. It has been a wonderful experience all around. I hope you will continue to enjoy my musings and adventures, photos and news on public garden related projects through my website or my facebook page and Instagram.

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