A heart for Southside Virginia

Published 5:37 pm Wednesday, December 12, 2018

As I write this, it is a winter wonderland outside after quite the snowstorm Sunday. I am Cindy Hosmer, Senator Ruff’s legislative assistant, asked to do a substitute column for our good Senator. You see, Mecklenburg and Halifax counties have about 36,000 people without power due to the storm. A group that he falls in and, so, cannot get the column out. According to a report I heard on TV last night, this is the second highest snowfall in the history of the Metro area for December.

I am fortunate to still have power but many are not. Crews from our electric companies will be working diligently around the clock to bring power back to all as quickly as possible. They will be working in less than ideal conditions, even dangerous conditions, to bring us back both the necessary and the creature comforts we have come to depend on. Let us please keep all in our prayers. Let us show them how much we appreciate their dedication.

As we huddle down doing the best we can, the preparations for the upcoming 2019 General Assembly Session are at work. The motto “Do no harm” comes to mind as the legislators come together with the intent to keep our Commonwealth a great place to live.

My job has been an amazing experience! As I watch proposed legislation go through the system and its check and balances, often what seems like a no-brainer has unintended consequences. These must be weighed against what they hope to accomplish. Watching the discussions and testimonies by both lobbyists and constituents that take place in committees and debates on the floor can really open our eyes to other perspectives. The wonderful thing is we can now all watch the process from our computers. Standing Committees and Session are broadcast online. You can find links to legislation and the broadcasts at https://virginiageneralassembly.gov.

Politics was something I used to avoid. I thought it contentious, weighted, perhaps even corrupt. I felt my voice was not heard. I was very wrong. Our voice does count. At least in Senate District 15. Can it be these things? Yes, but that is the exception, not the rule. I am blessed to work for a man who simply ran for office to help Southside Virginia. People I talk with have heard me say that I work for Senator Ruff because I believe in him. I don’t just believe in him because I work for him. I have never seen anyone give so much to make sure Southside Virginia has a voice in what happens to them. His calendar is full of committee, commission and constituent meetings. He attends local meetings to hear what the people say. Do I always agree with him? No. Will you? No. Is there anyone in your life that you share the same perspective with on everything? I doubt it. I can tell you that he listens with an open mind to all, whether you share the same perspective or differ from his. He won’t always change his mind. He works for the majority and for the good of the Commonwealth, and by that very nature cannot please all the people all the time. What he will do is listen, consider, and do the best job possible for everyone. He really does care. I’ve worked for him over 10 years, and I do so because I believe he is a truly good person with a heart for Southside Virginia and our values.

Cindy Hosmer is Senator Frank Ruff’s legislative assistant. They can both be reached at Sen.Ruff@ verizon.net, (434) 374- 5129 or P. O. Box 332, Clarksville, VA 23927.