Published 3:44 pm Tuesday, December 18, 2018

I woke up bubbling with excitement wondering what the day will bring and began talking to myself, Mary Old Girl why are you so blessed? It’s nothing that I have done and it’s definitely not because I deserve it. Why is Jesus showing me so much favor? The only reason I can think of is because He loves me, I love Him and we have a relationship.

Jesus knows His children and He daily provides for us. We cannot do good deeds to earn His Love but if we love Him it will be given freely to us. Jesus tells us daily how much He loves us. He wakes us each morning and forgives us our sins and begins the day anew with a clean slate. What a mighty God He is!

Each morning before my feet hit the floor I give God thanks and glory. I have to stay prayed up because the devil is always busy trying to get me to say or do something that I shouldn’t do. I’m sure many of you know what I’m saying. When you are a child of the King, the devil has to work that much harder. Every day we should make the devil work extra, extra hard by loving each other.

I often find myself singing the song “To God be the Glory: How Can I Say Thanks for the Things You Have Done for Me?” Things so undeserved, yet you have to prove your love for me. The voices of a million angels could not express my gratitude for all that I am and ever hope to be; I owe it all to Thee. With His blood He has saved me, with His power He has raised me. To God be the glory for the things He has done. Just let me love in life, let its pleasing Lord to Thee and if I gain any praises let it go to Calvary.

What a powerful song and what a powerful message. I went to church Sunday and the pastor’s message was, “What kind of spirit do you have?” There was a woman there that they called Aunt Billie. She did not belong to the church but visited frequently. She always showed love and kindness and the members regarded her as one of their own. The church decided to put a program together honoring her. The program was beautiful and soulful. It goes along the line with the saying “don’t give me my flowers when I am dead, give them to me while I am alive and able to enjoy them.” Aunt Billie definitely enjoyed her flowers that day.

I mentioned that because God blesses us and loves us and it is our duty to let our light shine so bright that others can see Him in us. Not running around screaming we are saved because your actions show your love of the Lord, not your mouth. Others are suppose to see it, not find out because you are announcing it to them. We all face trials in our life. I’m 81 years old and I still rely on Jesus to do battle on my behalf with the devil. We are human and we are not perfect, but we can behave in ways that become blessings to others. Stay prayed up, stay strong and love each other as Christ loves the church. Be Blessed in Jesus’ Name.

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