Lunenburg woman missing; state police sends alert

Published 11:24 am Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Trained personnel are currently searching for Lucy Ellen Gee, who was last seen Monday evening, according to Victoria Town Manager Rodney Newton.

Those who wish to help look for her are encouraged to spread the word on social media and keep an eye out if one lives close to Lunenburg Road, according to Victoria Town Manager Rodney Newton.

“Right now the best thing is to keep an eye out for her and check outbuildings in properties in the vicinity of Lunenburg County Road,” Newton said Tuesday afternoon. “But not to come to the area as trained searchers are searching for her.”

He added that “sharing the post on Facebook by Lunenburg Sheriff’s Office will help tremendously.”

Virginia State Police, on behalf of the Lunenburg County Sheriff’s Office, issued an alert at 3 p.m. Tuesday for Lucy Ellen Gee, a Lunenburg County resident, who has been reported last seen Monday evening.

According to Virginia State Police, Gee suffers from a cognitive impairment and “the disappearance poses a credible threat to (Gee’s) health and safety.”

Gee is described as a black female, 5 foot three inches, 189 pounds with brown eyes and gray hair.

State Police said Gee was last seen wearing light blue pants, white/black striped coat, black hat with fur and black boots.”

Gee, 85, was “last seen in her home on 12/24/2018 at 10 p.m. on Lunenburg County Road in Lunenburg County,” the sheriff’s office cited.

Those with information are urged to contact the Lunenburg County Sheriff’s Office at 434-696-4452 or visit