Preparing to look ahead

Published 1:43 pm Wednesday, December 26, 2018

The year 2018 has contained a lot of memories for Lunenburg County. Before the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve, we have the opportunity to remember welcoming change that’s taken place in this year, in addition to honoring people who have died.

We have the opportunity to remember milestones for ourselves and loved ones, experience pride in the ways we’ve grown and gratitude for the chance to learn from living, even if the lessons can sometimes be painful.

At the same time we lost the Uptown Cafe, a standard at Victoria’s Main Street, we also welcomed Central Cafe, a new eatery and meeting place. Both were designed to pay homage to the county’s culture and history.

We also welcomed a host of new businesses in the area, including Rosewood Cafe and Tearoom, Timmy’s Scoops, and an Italian restaurant set to open inside of the Victoria Train Station.

Two individuals who have made immeasurable impacts in Lunenburg County are being remembered this year.

George Sunbury is being remembered as a longtime business and marketing teacher at Central High School who was instrumental in developing the school’s Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA) organization, and inspiring hundreds of his students. Sunbury died in February. His funeral was held in the school he dedicated his life to.

Ronnie Dalton is also being mourned and remembered following his death in April. Dalton was the founder of A&J Produce, which has locations in Victoria and Crewe.

Heavy snowfalls, tearing winds and flooding from Hurricanes Florence and Michael had an enormous impact on the county’s roadways, powerlines and homes, effects that are still visible on secondary roads and area streams and rivers. The county has pulled together, not only helping out their neighbors in the county, but also transporting supplies to other states affected by the hurricanes.

At Farmville Newsmedia, LLC, we want to remark on staff reporter and photographer Morgan White. The absence of his sharp and compelling reporting with focus on county news, regional government, profile features and crime is felt, but we also continue to wish him well in his endeavors.

Lunenburg County Public Schools saw rather dramatic changes in leadership staffing, with the departure of loved Central High School Principal John Long. Following his resignation, former Lunenburg Middle School Principal Dr. Sharon Stanislas took the helm at Central High School as principal.

Mary Ann Crowder stepped in as Lunenburg Middle School Principal, while Julie Dalton was hired as Victoria Elementary School’s principal and Andrea Shell was hired as Kenbridge Elementary School’s principal.

Those in new leadership positions have stepped up to the plate and deserve a well-earned break before school resumes.

If this year is any indication, it can be amazing what takes place in 365 days. Here’s to another year, just one shy of 2020, where anything can happen.