Jesus has a blessing for you!

Published 3:10 pm Wednesday, January 9, 2019

I woke up this morning to a fire roaring in the fireplace and music softly playing. The aroma of coffee was throughout the house. I gave thanks to Jesus for His blessing and His grace.

I laid in bed for a while and sung this song: “Father, I stretch my hands to Thee, no other help I know. If Thou withdraw Thyself from me, where shall I go?” I just kept singing it over and over because what if Jesus decides to leave us, where or what would we do … think about it? If Jesus was to leave us there will be no sunshine days, only darkness. Jesus is the light and in that light we have His love and protection. But the good news is He has promised never to leave us nor let us stand alone because all we have to do is call and He will answer.

Jesus is standing at the door with outstretched hands just waiting for us to enter. When things get so heavy and you start running only to stumble and fall. When you feel there is no place to hide, Stop! Just stop where you are and look up, there will be a hand reaching down for you. Jesus’ promise was to neither leave nor forsake you so reach up, take His hand, and hold on tight for He will comfort you. I know this is true because I ran for a long time before Jesus made me one of His.

Jesus has something for each of us even if you can’t see it right now. Jesus is love and He wants us to love Him and each other and the world will be better for it. The song “The best in me” by Marvin Sapp says Jesus sees the best in us when everyone around us can only see the worst in us. We are His and it does not matter what we were because He sees us today for who we are.” Jesus loves us so much that He was willing to give up His life for us. The least thing we can do is love Him in return and become a member of His family. And don’t worry, you don’t have to clean up before you come to Him because He will do it for you and you will never be the same. Hallelujah. Be blessed in Jesus’ name.

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