The benefits of community newspapers

Published 3:06 pm Wednesday, January 9, 2019

The Information Age has changed the way many of you get your news, but community newspapers continue to serve as valuable resources for readers interested in learning more about and becoming more involved in our community.

While we continue to adapt to the changes brought about by technology, the following are a handful of benefits unique to community newspapers.

Community newspapers keep readers up-to-date on happenings in our area. Globalization may be here to stay, but that does not mean our communities are no longer home to newsworthy events. National and international newspapers and 24-hour cable news channels can keep you up-to-date on national and world news, but in many instances your community newspapers are the only means to learn about what’s going on right here at home. Local politics impact residents’ lives every day, and community newspapers cover local politics extensively.

Community newspapers benefit nearby businesses. Small-business owners often connect with community members via community newspapers. A strong, locally based small business community can improve economies in myriad ways, creating jobs in the community and contributing tax dollars that can be used to strengthen local schools and infrastructure. Community newspapers do our part by providing affordable and effective advertising space to area business owners looking to connect with area residents.

Community newspapers help to strengthen our communities. We are great resources for residents who want to become more active in the community and learn more about community events. We often showcase community events like fundraisers, music performances and projects like park cleanups and more. These are great ways for readers to become more active in our community which in turn helps to build a stronger community.

Community newspapers can benefit children. National and regional newspapers may have little age-appropriate content to offer young children, but community newspapers tend to include more soft news items than national periodicals.

Your community newspapers have played vital roles in our area for decades, providing a go-to resource for area readers and business owners.

Thank you for your continued readership and support.