Firefighters, EMTs honored

Published 12:53 pm Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Meherrin Volunteer Fire & Rescue held its banquet and awarded its firefighters and Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) Saturday.

The banquet, Meherrin Fire & Rescue officials said in a social media post, marked the department’s 65th year of fire service and 20th year of (Emergency Medical Services) EMS service.

Rep. Denver Riggleman with the 5th Congressional District spoke during the banquet. Firefighters and EMS workers were awarded for their response during and following Hurricane Michael.

According to Meherrin Fire & Rescue officials, Trey Pyle won an award for outstanding service, J.R. Newman won the J.T. Newman Training Award. Newman also won firefighter of the year. Sally Pyle won Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) of the year.

Below are those awarded for years of service, for responses to Hurricane Michael and 2019 administration and operational officers:

Years of service: Charles Barton – 5 Years, David Gray – 5 Years and Jerry Barton – 15 Years.

Above the Call of Duty – Hurricane Michael Response Award:

Trey Pyle, Leon Scott, Jacob Taylor, J.R. Newman, Sally Pyle, Steve Thompson, Carter Trammell, Douglas Driver, Derrice Lee, David Gray, Chris Andrews, Christian Simon and PE Deputy Chris Joyner.

2019 Administration Officers:

President David Norman, Vice President Donnie Herzig, Secretary Carter Trammell, Treasurer Erin Newman and Chaplin Steve Thompson.

2019 Operational Officers:

Chief Trey Pyle, Assistant Chief Leon Scott, Captain J.R. Newman, 1st Lieutenant Jacob Taylor, EMS Captain Sally Pyle and Engineer Derrice Lee.