McDaniel recognized for 20 years of service

Published 1:07 pm Wednesday, January 23, 2019

The Virginia Association of Conservation District Employees recently recognized James F. McDaniel, Jr. for 20 years of service as an elected Director for the Peter Francisco Soil and Water Conservation District. According to a press release prior to serving as an elected Director, McDaniel served as an Associate Director for seven years, from 1992-1998. In January 1998, after the resignation of an elected Director, McDaniel was appointed to fill the remainder of that unexpired term, to be served through December 2000. After successful completion of that term, McDaniel ran for the elected Director position for Buckingham, to be effective January 2001. The release went on to say, “in that same year, he was nominated by the Board of Directors to serve as the Treasurer for the District. He still performs the duties of that position today.”

McDaniel brings to the District years of agriculture experience, having served as the Executive Director with Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service (ASCS), now known as Farm Service Agency (FSA) from 1968 until his retirement in May 1990, the release further stated. His organizational skills in conducting meetings and serving on numerous committees within the District has been instrumental in the success of the Peter Francisco SWCD. His availability to the staff in the office on short notice is one dedication to fulfilling his responsibilities as Director on the Board.

Sherry Ragland, District Manager for Peter Francisco Soil and Water Conservation District said, “Mr. McDaniel has a memory like an elephant and can remember things that happened years ago. That knowledge base is how the District stays on top of things. He is one of the most professional gentlemen of all time and I can say I’m very proud to have worked under his leadership.”