Promised protection for the journey ahead

Published 1:00 pm Wednesday, January 23, 2019

“If you make the most High God your dwelling, even the Lord, who is my refuge; then no harm will befall you.” Psalm 91: 9-10a.

During these early days of this New Year, there has already been numerous news reports concerning violent crimes that have claimed innocent lives as well as news of heart-wrenching vehicle accidents with fatal results and many other sad situations as well. When tragedies of that nature happen, hearts are saddened and compassion hangs in the balance for all involved. Also, believers may wonder about the plight of the souls of those who lost their lives so suddenly.

In Psalm 91 the Psalmist addresses the blessed hope of believers regarding God’s promised protection and safety for our journey. It is a reality that one never knows where catastrophic danger or evil lurks along our journey, nor when or where it will attempt to swiftly invade and destroy our person, whether comfortably secure in our homes, taking the safest route to our destination, singing unto the Lord in our places of worship or traveling the busy thoroughfares on a mission for the King; potential danger and evil still lurks all-around seeing whom it can devour. Nothing is sacred or safe; the circle of innocence or the bond of peace or tranquility can be invaded by danger or an evil act that threatens or takes one’s life. Thus, the believer is not exempted from lurking danger and evil along the paths of life. The question becomes, what is God’s plan for our safety and protection?

Therefore, the Psalmist employs us to realize that if we strive at all cost to make God “our dwelling and our refuge,” He will be true to His promise of a guaranteed divine safety and protection. Moreover, the scripture declares that “no harm will befall you.” This is where it seems paradoxical against the backdrop of daily realities of life’s tragedies. However, please know that the Psalmist points us beyond what we see and experience in this physical life on this side. He speaks to the fact that we will never experience any catastrophe that is devoid of redemptive purpose. If we believe His salvation and trust in His provision, then we will never know the ultimate disaster of eternal death! And in our short lives on this earth of trials and tribulations, we will never see a trial, difficulty or disaster that is not under God’s sovereign, permissive hand that specifically ordains our steps and redeems our problems. Thus, if “harm” falls upon us, we can be confident; it isn’t ultimately disastrous, and it didn’t slip in under God’s radar. Rest assured, His plan has us covered. Just be sure to make Him your “dwelling and your refuge.”

Rev. Dr. James Taylor is pastor of Jericho Baptist Church in Farmville, his email is: jht3@